Healthy Snack Suggestions for Day Care Centers

Creating nut-free snacks for young children can be difficult, especially in day care centers where healthy nutritional guidelines are often enforced, not to mention expected by working parents.

Keeping a few staple foods on hand can help you create tasty, allergy-free snacks that all kids can enjoy.

Trail mix

Create a nut-free "trail mix" using mini pretzels, Goldfish crackers, and dried fruit. Let kids mix their own into baggies so they can take it home or snack on it during the day.


For older kids — where a choking hazard isn't an issue — popcorn can be a great healthy snack. Buy plain, organic, unsalted kernels and an old-fashioned popcorn machine. Let kids top it with a dash of sugar, salt, or butter. You could also make popcorn balls for a hands-on activity.

Guacamole and pita chips

The healthy fats in guacamole make it a nutritious dip, and pairing it with pita chips instead of tortilla chips also gives it a healthier profile.

Hummus and veggies

Flavored hummus varieties, like roasted red pepper, artichoke or garlic, can be delicious paired with baby carrots, broccoli crowns or even fruit and crackers.

Fruit muffins

A big batch of fruit muffins will usually go over well with kids. Make them low-fat and reduce the amount of sugar in a recipe by cutting it in half. Blueberry, banana or even carrot muffins will be a healthy snack option.

String cheese and fruit cups

The portability of string cheese makes it an easy snack. Get skim-milk string cheese or low-fat varieties, pairing them with a fruit cup packed in water.

Additionally, refer to this list of common snack foods that do not contain peanuts for more ideas.

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