If you have food allergies, it’s easy to focus on all of the negatives, and all of the foods you can’t eat. Musician Kyle Dine, who is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, seafood, and mustard, brings an upbeat outlook to dealing with food allergies. He writes and sings children’s music that is both educational and entertaining and focuses on food allergies. His CDs are titled “Food Allergies Rock!” and “You Must Be Nuts!”

Kyle performs his fun, catchy songs at school assemblies and concerts to raise awareness and support for food allergies. “There needs to be more education and awareness of the condition and what people can do to stay safe,” says Dine. Kyle, who lives in Toronto, has been called the world’s first dedicated “allergy musician.”

He recalls that as a child with food allergies, he often felt alone and embarrassed. Living with severe food allergies from the age of 2. After suffering an allergic reaction to a dessert he was assured did not contain nuts, he picked up his guitar and began writing about living with allergies. Turning his struggle with food allergies into a way to help kids cope with them, he says “The more support we have for kids with allergies the better.” He now works as a youth program coordinator for Anaphylaxis Canada, and continues to write music “not to focus on the doom and gloom, but about the positive side of allergies.”

With food allergies on the rise, look for more artists using their talents to spread awareness.

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