A school prank could have gone terribly wrong had the girl being pranked not been diligent about her allergies. The Washington state teenager is allergic to nuts and some bullies threw peanuts into her lunch as an attempted joke. The girl, Zoe Stevens, is only 14 and says that she is often made fun of and bullied for her allergy. Most kids, she says, are unaware that her allergy is more than a stomach ache or throwing up. For her, though, it’s life-threatening.

“I’ve been bullied about it, teased, people try to throw stuff in my food,” Zoe said in a recent interview with KCPQ News.

Her Fellow Students Prank Can Be Deadly

Zoe’s mother knows what her daughter goes through and is fighting to raise awareness at her daughter’s school. She wants other parents to teach their kids about the seriousness of food allergies and for the school to step up and do something about the bullying.

The school district is considering adding food-allergy lessons to its health and science classes. Although Zoe is pushing for a nut-free school, it’s not likely going to happen as most parents (including those whose children have allergies) do not support those types of measures, according to a recent study.

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