September 25, 2023

The Continuation Of The Chemistry Class With Peanuts Saga

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This is the continuation of Peanut Allergy Guru’s story about peanuts in her chemistry classroom:

I was not told that this experiment in which numerous almonds, chestnuts, and PEANUTS are being heated over the bunsen burner, was occurring for the whole week prior to me doing the experiment. I was not told that all the lab equipment (such as goggles and beakers) that I had been using were contaminated with nuts. The lives of students are not important to my school

Science over life: this is the extremely frustrating ideology that permeates my school. The teachers and administrators do not consider the consequences of experimenting with one of the most common allergens in America. It just makes no sense to me and complicates my life so much more.

I went to the library the day of the experiment after I was instructed not to leave the school. I walked away from the classroom wondering: How am I safe anymore? And my favorite part is that I was still expected to do the lab report.

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