An allergy service dog is used by people with anaphylactic reactions so serious that if they touch trace amounts of a certain substance, it could cause anaphylactic shock.

Most people refer to allergy service dogs as “peanut dogs”, but these dogs can be trained to detect any type of allergen. If you have a son or daughter who suffers from a severe allergy, it may be worthwhile to consider getting an allergy service dog and here are some excellent ideas to fundraise for the money.

Fundraising ideas for an allergy service dog:

  1. Social media websites: Social media websites like Facebook or Twitter are a great way to get the word out. Linking a Facebook page to a fundraising website is an effective way to spread awareness and to raise money for an allergy service dog.
  2. Letters through the mail: Many people are used to scanning through emails and deleting things if they do not know the person sending it. However, if you were to send out letters through regular mail, you put something tangible in a person’s hand and stand a greater chance of reaching a broader audience. Design your letter so it stands out, tell your story and why you wish to raise money for an allergy service dog, people are more willing to donate especially if they know it is for a local family.
  3. Internet advertisements: Putting an ad online is a good way to reach out to the public. Websites which offer free advertising attract a large number of individuals and it is a good idea to have a donations website set up in advance so those who wish to do so can donate directly.
  4. Newsletters: It can be a good idea to contact your local chamber of commerce to see if you can include a write up in the local newsletter about your son or daughter and what you are raising money for. The local chamber of commerce is a way to get your name out to the public and to gather community attention and support.
  5. Sign up for a blog: Blogging on the internet is all the rage right now and many blogs have regular followers. Starting a blog is a way for you to tell your story, introduce your son or daughter to your followers and explain about the need for an allergy service dog and solicit donations.
  6. Collect cans and bottles: If you live in a state that redeems cans and bottles for recycling, it is a great way to earn extra money. You should let your friends, neighbors, local restaurants and businesses know you are collecting cans and bottles; many will donate if you simply ask.
  7. Bake Sale: Hosting a bake sale and asking friends and family to contribute is another way to raise money for an allergy service dog. You can hold the event in conjunction with another event, like a trivia night, rummage sale or silent auction.
  8. Awareness items in exchange for a donation: Many charities raise money through selling awareness branded items such as t-shirts, wrist bands or ribbons. You could provide an awareness item in exchange for a minimum donation. Talk to your local screen printing company or check around online to find items you can have personalized and sell for a nominal donation.
  9. Car wash: You can speak to your local businesses and see if it is permissible to host a car wash to raise money for an allergy service dog. You can get a large group of volunteers together and host a car wash to fundraise and your group may even make more money from tips and outright donations.
  10. 50/50 raffle: You could sell tickets for a 50/50 raffle and keep half the proceeds you make from the endeavor. You may want to use the 50/50 raffle in coordination to another event because it will yield a bigger profit. It is a good idea to host a 50/50 raffle at ball games, trivia nights, or at a bake sale or car wash.
  11. Corporate sponsorship: You may wish to speak to your employer to see if they will match employee donations to a certain dollar amount. You might be surprised to find how much money you could raise through donations from your co-workers and employer matching.

Once you have decided to fundraise for an allergy service dog, there are other ways you can help to reduce the cost. You can speak companies that train these dogs to find out if they work with non-profit programs that help people raise funds for allergy service dogs. Finally, it is worthwhile to see if a dog training company will offer financing or a reduced fee for a family with limited income.

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