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504 Plan

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I wished I had requested 504 status prior to my dd starting school. We mottled through the first couple years and ended up with an IHP (implemented in her 2nd grade) that is working out well. Personally, Id go for it. I dont think doctors have any practical experience dealing with the schools and arent in a position to advise one way or another.


Here is the link that helped me do my entire 504 plan. I think there are so many questions there that you might not normally think of.


Good Luck,

Thanks for your responses! Im going to stick with my plan and do a 504.


I honestly thought that for the 504 we were going to have to sit down and write out this big paper with the school. Truth is, the requests we wrote out, and the principal approved, are stapled to the 504 form that I only had to sign. Piece of cake.

So, my 504 is ""Our outline for school"" posted on this site.

Good luck.

Thank you for informing me ... it was exactly what I was looking for. I had printed out the outline for 504 plan outline for severe food allergies from the
With that outline and your outline, I will be able to put together today our outline.
I also saw the letter you used from another parent written to Oprah and ask her if I may use parts of it for my packet for the school. Reading it really makes you realize its us against them. Educate is the key. With this packet, my role in our school, running for a PTA officer this year and within the next few years I would like to run for a position on the Board of Education for our area. I will educate at least 900 students and families this year in our elementary school...People have to understand.... I thank you again [img][/img]

Ginger, in all of the literature you received from FAAN to help you educate the school, etc., did you receive anything that said anything about a 504 Plan at all? Somehow Ive gotten the impression (and I would like to be corrected) that FAAN would not be the place to go to try to get information re a 504 Plan.

Im Canadian so I dont have a 504 Plan but I do have a written school plan for my PA son which was written by another member.
Ill re-raise it in the off-chance that youd like to have some more material to read.

Also, there are several people that have posted excellent 504 Plans on the board - rilira, vic, RhondaRS (these people come immediately to mind, but that doesnt mean they are the best or the only ones).

I wasnt even going to post a reply because I figured with the great response you got from Lam you really got it covered. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


Check out this thread:


Take Care,

I reread what I wote and I can see how it seem liked I got a 504 from FAAN. We ordered a school packet from the FAAN and printed the 504 outline from the


There was a detailed 504 outline.
I also found out that there was not a charge for the school packet because the principal ordered it and there is no charge that way. If I had not looked into that, I would have paid $75.00
Go figure, Atleast the school will have their training kit. Hope I cleared the misunderstanding up. By the way, does the FAAN not support a 504 plan?

Reraising Ryans.

welcome scalleja, if you go in the schools forum there are several threads running on 504 plans. Another good source of info. is [url=""""][/url]

Once you do some reading you may want to post any additional questions in the schools forum.

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