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504 Plan

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I would not type up a draft since most schools do not want to use your draft anyway. They will want to start fresh with their own. If they ask you for a draft, then great, but first you need to establish eligibility. If you give them a draft they may perceive it as your ""list of demands"" and they may hesitate to grant eligibility if there are things on your list that they dont like.

First, you need to get a letter from your doctor. There are many threads in the school section discussing this. See


The official way to request a 504 is to request ""an evaluation for Section 504 eligibility"" in writing. You can address this to your school principal or to your districts 504 coordinator, depending on your situation.

Even if you are on good terms with your school, I would recommend making your request in writing because many times when people make this a verbal request they are told ""we dont do 504s for food allergies"" or the school drags its feet and never gets around to scheduling a meeting. I would make the request in writing and project the attitude that you are doing it that way because you just want to do the right, professional thing.


Mom to 7 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 3 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

If the private school receives any federal money (e.g. for a lunch program), they must comply with Section 504. In addition, all private schools (except parochial schools) must comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

For your daughters safety, any school should meet with you to create a food allergy management plan of some kind (some call it a ""health plan""), including measures to avoid allergens and the emergency treatment protocol signed by her doctor.


Mom to 7 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 3 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

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Hi. I am really not sure. I dont think so, but I am no expert. There are a lot of helpful people here that I know can help you further so hang tight, you will get a true answer. Sorry I am not much help!

Mom to Alyssa (PA, age 6)
Mom to Theodore (age 3)

Heres a great link that will give you some great information on what a 504 plan is. Hope it helps you!



Try searching the Board. That is how I found all the information I could handle. There are many sample 504 plans and letters.


Most of our approved and implemented 504s are posted under this board, at least from Kindergarten to Second Grade. Not sure if I put the 3rd grade one up yet.

If you do a search on my user name under the Schools board, it should bring them up.

Public schools are required to have a 504 coordinator. Check with your childs school and if they dont have one, go to the superintendents office. They should be able to put you in touch. The process. I wrote my own. With minor tweaks they accepted it. There are many examples of them on this site and on the internet if you need help getting started.

Mine contained things like (and I""m paraphrasing):
Myself, husband or approved representative will be allowed to go on all field trips.
Peanut-free table will be washed with a solution and a peanut-free sponge (e.g. that will be kept safely somewhere and not used to wipe down other tables thereby spreading PB to the peanut free one. This can happen. Happened to an acquaintance of mine. No urban legend)
We had the ability to drive/pick up kids from school so we said we would do that so the school wouldnt have to provide accomodations on the bus. Sort of our way of giving back.
Wipes will be kept outside the classroom door and all persons entering for any reason must wash hands.
Letter will be sent home with general information on peanut allergies and the schools growing concern for them and while not asking to be peanut-free, alerting parents to fact that *requests* may be made at certain times to refrain from sending in PB
Letter will be sent home to DDs classroom parents letting them know of the peanut-free classroom. They were smart enough to say in the letter that if they thought this was going to be a hardship, to let the school know and they would do what they could. Never had anyone complained.
A statement of who would carry epi-pens
A statement of how the peanut-allergy table would be handled (so she wasnt alone). Turned out they had two tables end to end, both washed same way, she was at one end. All PB at the other end so she stayed with her class.
A statement that the DDs teacher would be hand-picked every year such that it was someone who was willing to take on this extra effort (and open up early communication with them!)
A statement that we would be notified at least a day in advance of celebrations. If cupcakes are brought in for a birthday, we let in may contain figuring that as long as she didnt eat it or touch AND kids were provided wipes to eat after the snack, the risk was so very low of contamination. The notification was to let us bring in something smiilar but safe. Parties on the other hand, had to be free from cross-contamination.
A line stating that DD would be registered 911 so that when given her name in an emergency situation, they would already know to make sure the ambulance had an epi-pen on it. This is good too becuase they get your home address. If you call 911, this info automatically pops up.

Remember this is a living/breathing document that you can change as your DDs needs changed. Once DD got into 5th grade, I remember changing her because she was just growing up and things didnt really apply any longer.

If you have any questions or would like to see our exact 504, let me know. I can send it to you. I think we just came across it again.

So anyway, you just bring in your plan and sit with the 504 coordinator. It was very informal for us. We redline, retype, all sign and it was a done deal.


Our 504 also prohibited the use of products that contained or may contain peanuts as instructional aids or rewards. For rewards, the ""may contain"" could be relaxed if alternative safe options were available.

@grownuplaurenmom: How do you register with 911?

Thanks for the reply.
I went to my daughters open house at school today and know im even more stressed!! Not sure how to handle this. Her teacher said that they have a mid morning snack in the classroom that they bring in themselves. When i asked her if it would be pn free she said they do not request parents to not send that stuff in. So not pn free classroom. She said if someone had a pn snack that they would sit them at a different table. She cleans the tables everyday.This is kindergarden. They have a pn free table in the cafeteria.
So i decided to go have a chat with the principal who is new this year. He said that he would have to know how severe her reaction would be, ie if she reacts with contact or air bourne and / or injestion and how severe this reaction would be. And have her allergist write them telling them how severe her reaction would be. Offcourse i told him that we really do not know how severe it is b/c she has never been exposed that way,the first time i gave her pn butter she spit it out. She never actually swallowed it. She broke out with a red face and neck with tiny little hives. I gave her benadryl which cleared it. And one other time i had a bit of pn butter one day and later kissed her on the cheek later not thinking and she got a big red hive in that spot. Wouldnt that be a severe enough reaction?
And plus isnt it possible that reactions can change from mild to severe over time with different episodes?? At least thats what i always thought. I tried to tell this guy that and he basically wants the same thing, a letter from the doctor stating how severe her reaction is. How can anyone including the doctor predict that??? Am i right. This is the doctor that believes that b/c hives and redness was her first reaction, that will be her only reaction. I do not agree b/c she never swallowed it. So i dont know if he will support me in saying it is severe enough to keep pn products out of the classroom. Im going to call him tommorrow and find out.
Also when i asked the principal about her epi pens he said they keep it in the office looked up. Ok so if they are allowing pn in classroom and she has a reaction they have to run down two long hallways to the office, unlock it and run back. That makes no sense. I asked him why the teacher cant have it in the classroom?? He said b/c it could danger the other kids! What? Wouldnt the teacher know to keep it away from the other kids??? Im so frustrated right now!!! Why dont people get it??? He seemed more concerned about the other students.

Last year she was in pre k 3 hours a day and i never had a issue. The teacher was awesome! No pn products in the classroom. I would give her the epi pen when i dropped her off and she would give it back when i picked her was kept in her classroom. I assumed it would be the same way in all the classrooms in that school. I guess i was way wrong! If the doctor doesnt support me in this then what do i do?? I am going to email the super intendent too.

Any advice?? I still dont really understand what a 504 plan is. What is it? What doez it do?And how do i go about getting one? Does it mean i can request all these things for her? And they have to follow it? Thanks..sorry so long

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