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Americans Who Want Canadian Smarties Post Here!

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Im Canadian and would be willing to ship Smarties...
Anything to bring a smile to a child...

Cartersmom and Hope, you are ""officially"" paired. Thank-you!
That ends to-day, Tuesday the 24th with 0 Americans wanting Smarties and 0 Canadians needed to send some! Best wishes! [img][/img]


Hope, sorry, you dont have an e-mail address posted so I couldnt contact you personally to tell you that you had been officially paired with Cartersmom (I dont have mine listed either). Could you please contact Cartersmom, she has her e-mail address listed and get the necessary information to do the Smarties thing? Thanks! Best wishes! [img][/img]


Traces Mom - Thanks for volunteering to send Smarties. Please email me your address and Ill send you a check. My son will be SO excited (actually doubly excited since he loves to get mail and loves candy)!


Cindy you have not stepped on my toes! I only wanted to answer the concern about sending stuff across the border. Your energy and devotion to this site is phenomenal and I say Keep up the good work! Take care.

SueQ I am new at this and cant figure out how to locate your e-mail! If someone could let me know how to find it, I promise to get in touch right away! Thanks!

Never mind! Naturally I figured it out immediately after sending my post!

OK, Im in! I want to try these things! I would greatly appreciate a ""supplier"". ha ha!

How do they come wrapped? Can they fit in Easter Eggs? It might just solve my egg hunt dilemma!


Kathyrn, thank-you for your response, although Im not really clear that co-ordinating Smarties going to Americans is anything I should be thanked for. I probably just adds to peoples general belief that I have nothing better to do. However. Gavins Mom, what kind of Easter Eggs are you talking about? Plastic ones that you add chocolate or other candy items into? In Canada, you can buy Smarties in a chocolate egg at Easter time but its the special occasion time of year when Smarties made such as this has the ""may contain"" warning. But, as far as putting them in a plastic egg for your child to open, no problem. Im definitely going to have to e-mail Cadbury. Im having problems getting to their site properly - I ended up in Cadbury England the other day and didnt want to be. Anyway, I now have 1 American wanting, 0 Canadians posted! Best wishes! [img][/img]


How odd that we have something americans want and dont have but I will certainly send some to someone to make their child happy!

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