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Americans Who Want Canadian Smarties Post Here!

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Sorry about the double post, I didnt think the first post ""took"" didnt see it.

Ree, thats very nice of you to offer. You can e-mail me if you want, its in my profile.


Simply re-raising for teacher (with a side note that when the thread originally died, I deleted the file with my Smarties shippers names and e-mail addresses in it).

But I think near the end of the thread especially, if not long before that, you were doing most of the shipping anyway.

I have also re-raised another thread, which indicates that we can ship again. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

Hey Everyone

I offer wide selections of Canadian Chocolates as well as Canadian Groceries.
You may find a variety Smarties by going to my online website

Sixlets are so yummy. M&Ms and Smarties are often compared to one another and I know that Sixlets are like M&Ms here in the U.S. so thats why I think they are similar. Also Choco No Nos are like M&Ms. Theyre another favorite of mine.

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