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another ? about Duke Study

The information that I have received on this study from the University of Arkansas (and I assume all facilities are participating under the same protocol) is that it is for ""children ~2-18 years of age diagnosed with a peanut allergy by a CAP RAST of 15 or greater or a CAP RAST of 7 or greater and have had clinical symptoms to peanut within the past 6 months.""

Drews mom is correct- that is the current protocol at Duke. You may have gotten that response as they are now getting ready to close phase one of the desensitization study to new subjects, but I believe they are still taking names for phase two (the one with the placebo group). They are also running the infant study. The oral immunotherapy study is for young children such as yours. If the other hospital lists only older subjects, perhaps they are only doing the sublingual therapy (also run at Duke) and not the powder/ oral immunotherapy.
That is my latests information- but you can contact the other sites directly to be sure- hope that helps

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thanks both of you for the info... im going to email the research coordinator again for clarification..

Perhaps it was the term ""desentization""? I will use better descriptors this time..