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Baking extracts

In the past I was told that we should avoid. Recently I read that others have been told theyre safe. So I dont know if they have changed somehow or some information is incorrect. Are their peanut butter and walnut flavored extracts made from artificial flavors? Or have they discontinued them?

In my email to them, I had asked if there was any flavor I should avoid due to nuts/peanuts/milk and was told that all was free of those allergens. I inquired what the natural and artificial flavors were made from and they couldnt disclose it because it is their trade secret. However, said it was free of nuts/peanuts/milk. Ive used some of their flavor oils(cheesecake, caramel, english toffee, bavarian creme and sweet buttery dough) but am hesitant to use the princess cake & cookie extract because of the almond smell. Ive read that artificial almond was not safe so Im hesitant. I think Ill stick to the rule...if in doubt--skip it! Thanks for reading.