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Betty Crocker Cake

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The Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla frosting is safe to use? Is that the only jar frosting you use?


not sure about all the safe frostings. we have to avoid milk and egg, too. so we are limited in that area.

I only use the BC yellow cake b/c I have had bad experiences with chocolate mixes. In my own head I see all the mixes that are chocolate and have nuts ie brownies could be on the same line. Everytime I call they give me a answer I am comfortable with but I just stick with what I know works. Everyone has their own little things that works and doesnt and chocolate mixes just didnt work for us(this wasnt a BC mix). Hope this helps!

I do use the Pilsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla. I have called and got a answer I was comfortable with. I am VERY comfortable with Divvies so that is what I have been buying latley NO PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, EGG or DAIRY. I get the frosting $5 a container I buy a bunch when I know special occasions are coming. They last 2 months open and you can or dont have too refrigerate cause no dairy or eggs. I cant tell you how wonderful the chocolate is!!!! I know it is pricey with shipping and all but I figure better safe then buy some extra crap at target for the month 🙂

I made them yesterday for my sons school and they were a hit. That is great and so easy!!
Thank You

I have made the ""diet coke cupcakes"" I make it with devils food cake mix and diet coke I wuse lite wipped cream for frosting. put them in the freezer and they taste like a devil dog! MMMMM! and low in calories!

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