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Cake Mixes

Hi Kim,

Yes, some cake mixes can be cross contaminated with peanuts and nuts. There are cake mixes that contain nuts so if they are processed in the same facility or same equipment with some that contain nuts they can get cross contaminated with enough peanut or nut protein to cause a reaction (even a severe, life threatening one) in someone who is allergic.

Additionally, the person who baked the cake could have cross contaminated the cake while baking by using a utensil or pan that had previously been used on something that contained trace nuts or having a kitchen counter that had invisible, trace amounts of peanut smudges, etc. It is quite risky to eat baked goods made by other people if you have an allergy because of this.

Do you have an allergist? This is kind of basic information that your allergist *should* have given you. Most people who have food allergies NEVER eat deserts made by other people unless those people have the same exact allergies and keep the same level of caution against cross contamination. I NEVER let my son eat baked goods made by others.

Please read this...

You might want to get some info on food allergies from a place like . They sell good books and info pamphlets. I like The Peanut Allergy Answer Book and also Dr. Woods Food Allergies for Dummies book.

Best wishes!