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Problem being that if youre close enough to read the wrapper, youve already purchased the product. We ran into this way back when. I think if it were really important to them from an allergy standpoint, they would be well served by a few posters or placards, or a note on the overhead menu.

(For our part, it was a long-day-tired-mommy-2000-miles-from-home MISTAKE, and honestly probably the only time I hadnt asked about ingredients.)

I do like the chain as a whole -- and ate there fairly often during pregnancy -- but think they could do better in this area.


We have been told about this also - we just dont eat there but it is a very popular fast food place in the South.

I have never eaten their food, but I have always been aware that they use peanut oil!

I am glad you posted about this since I believe this company is expanding and they are also opening a free standing location near us...and possibly others around the states.

Watch out for Chick-fil-A......PEANUT OIL!!!!

Yes it is always good to have reminders. Chick-Fil-A is in all our major malls here. I bought some of those disposabe place mats so that I can lay them on the table in the eating area. I am sure there is peanut residue all over the place from chick-fil-a and from steak escape which also fries in peanut oil).


I was so sorry to learn of Chick-Fil-As use of peanut oil a few years ago, but they do clearly label things to let us know. The sandwiches are the best, and their play areas are the cleanest. The toys are educational (weve seen Between the Lions and Veggie Tales toys). And their advertising is hilarious! It was my favorite fast food place.

Initially we were told by our doctor and elsewhere that regular peanut oil was safe, because it no longer had the enzyme that causes trouble for PA folks. It was cold pressed peanut oil we had to worry about.

For the longest time, everytime we pulled up to a C-F-A, DS would beg not to eat there. We didnt even attempt a trip there for about a year, and the next time I pulled up, there was no resistance. Well, DS got hives all over his face after eating a chicken nugget. So we dont go back--and we assume that regular peanut oil is NOT safe (he also had an anaphylactic reaction after eating some chips at Panera that were cooked in peanut oil before we realized it).

we took our girls fairly often to chick-fil-a when we lived in memphis. i was less aware of the risks with PA then and didnt even realize they fried in peanut oil. thankfully, we never had a reaction there (which i find amazing). as soon as i became a little more educated, we stopped eating there immediately. i figured that they fried the protein out or something and thats why we didnt have a reaction. im still not really educated about what types of peanut oil are the most unsafe. we avoid it all now anyway. maybe we just got really, really lucky when they ate at chick-fil-a. anyhow, i wouldnt let the girls eat the food there again just to be safe. too bad though, it was a very kid-friendly place (other than the peanut oil). joey

My PA DD has eaten here, prior to us knowing that they use peanut oil. She did not have a reaction and was fine w/ nuggets and fries. She has also eaten Nutella for YEARS (tested negative to hazelnuts) and they use a heat processed peanut oil. SHe has never had a problem w/ the Nutella brand. However, now I buy a chocolate hazelnut spread that does not use peanut oil. I do this not because of any past reactions, but because I am more educated now and I didnt want future confusion about when to avoid peanut oil. It is just easier to avoid ALL peanut oil, rather then avoid peanut oil unless . . . KWIM?

I wont take my son there. I dont care if its hot or cold pressed, but it doesnt work for my comfort zone.

We eat out often, and if we want fried chicken to-go we do KFC.

Hi Before we knew my son was PA we ate there very often. We no longer eat inside there but I will go thru the drive-thru and get him the grilled chicken sandwich and the fruit cup. He loves it. He also likes the milkshakes there but I have not checked the ingredients. I used to get him the vanilla because I did not know you were supposed to call on all things, but he has never had a problem. But we do eat it around him without problem.

We recently talked to our Allergist about Chick-Fil-A and she assured us it would be fine for our DD who is 4 and is highly allergic to Peanuts (including touch sensitve)and to a lesser extent Tree Nuts. We have now eaten there several times with no problems. She especially likes the fruit cups too.


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