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Our Chilis here uses 100% vegetable oil - NO peanut oil. It may vary depending on each restaurant.

Just wanted to echo that the Chilis in our area also does NOT use peanut oil. Nor did the Chilis that we ate in while visiting the Orlando/Disneyworld area. So it seems to vary from restaurant to restaurant. Thanks for the heads up and reminder to always check with the restuarants. Take are!

I contacted Chilis during the fall (2001) and was told by them that all of their restaurants use ONLY 100% vegetable oil. I think I will contact them again, it is one of my sons favorite restaurants and Id hate to have to take it off our list.


I just want to point out that when a restaurant says they use 100% vegetable oil, that oil may still contain some peanut oil -- peanut is certainly a vegetable if you have to classify it as animal, vegetable or mineral, after all [img][/img]

Im at the point that when I send a waitress back to the kitchen to check on the oil, I tell her, ""When they tell you its vegetable oil, which they will, tell them you need to know whether they mean canola, soybean, peanut or corn oil, and then please let me know.""

I swear, some people seem to think ""vegetable"" oil comes from carrots, broccoli and zucchini! [img][/img]


Just wanted to update my first post. The manager at this Chilis called me at home the other day to let me know he had called a staff meeting of his employees to clear up the apparent confusion about their cooking oil. He apologized to me and assured me that they do not use peanut oil. The only peanut product they use is in a dip for the lettuce wraps. I was really impressed by his personal concerns and wanted to make sure I let everyone know!!

Little Mans Momma

Oh my gosh! I will have to contact the Chilis that we frequent again and ask. This is so upsetting, it is Dylans favorite restaurant. Thanks for the info, Karen

I have contacted the corporate office again. They again told me that they use Brinker oil and it is soybean not peanut. I am totally confused. Karen Doty (from corporate) is contacting the manager I called and spoke with to be sure they are not using peanut oil. They want to know what he was looking at. Hopefully they will get back to me again, if so I will let you know. Maybe this was an isolated incident. Hope so!!

I was at a Chilis in Nashua, NH about a month ago, and I was very impressed with the waitpersons awareness and attention to PA, though I did not ever order food for dd(we bring our own). I mentioned the allergy, that she actually is picky and not wanting to try any restaurant food yet, but for future reference... and asked some questions. I was assured no peanut oil, and what would prevent most of their food from being okay for us is egg allergy, since egg is in some of the coatings on fried items and all go into the same oil. She even came back and said she had chatted with the chef for the day, and was assured again, *no peanut oil*, they checked together and did tell me what the oils were, but I forget now. I just was impressed since we were not actually even getting food for our dd.

I am disappointed reading this, because it just shows how really unknown things can be in a restaurant. It involves a lot of trust in total strangers preparing our food!

Hi Karen,
We go to Chilis all the time, it is definately one of our ""safe"" places to take the kids. Im afraid I dont know about the dairy, DS is only PA. His favorite dish is Macaroni and Cheese so Im no help there. I found them to be very receptive at their corporate office and when speaking to the manager. Good luck!


Chilis is my daughters favorite resteraunt. She is PA and tree nut allergic and has never had a problem there. She eats the chicken crispers and fries.

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