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OMG, we go there every Saturday OR Sunday for lunch. My ds is only PA and eats the french fries, mac n cheese, chicken fingers, chips and salsa, hamburger (once in a blue moon) and always get chocolate milk. My dh almost always gives him a bite of whatever hes eating (this changes weekly) as well.

For your dss safety, however, I would still check with them when ordering--just to be crystal clear.

Sorry, I cant help you with the dairy.

I am posting hear to share our story.

After Spencer was diagnosed with PA we stapped eating out. One day we had company & had to go out (I brought Spencers food with us)

At Chilis I asked the waiter if he would mind heating Spencers dish & explained the allergy. Shortly after he left, he returned with a man in a suit (the manager) He came to tell me that he has worked at Chilis for 3 yrs & when he started he was trained on the allergy & was informed that there was NO PEANUT in any dish they made & that it was their rule that no staff brought in food that may contain Peanut.
I was so thrilled I let Spencer have chicken nuggets.

Way to go Chilis

Chilis told me that they do have peanuts in desserts and the lettuce wraps.

Anyone noticed this?

Hi Kkeene,

I have talked with their Corporate Office and was told to be safe we should bring food from home. They have lettuce wraps and some deserts which could cross contaminate. I am stunned he told you that.

When I called last week, they told me that the only dish they have with nuts is the lettuce wrap - which has a peanut sauce. Im surprised he could tell you that so confidently.

Just A Warning...Yesterday we ate at Chilis (I consider it safe for my PA long as he sticks to the basics on the kids menu).
I took most of my fries home for a snack later and ate one with a part of a peanut fried onto it!!!!

My son loves Chilis....usually he has fries and chiken fingers.....thankfully he had the pizza today instead!

Good God, theyre everywhere!!!!

This is a letter I got from Chilis today about peanuts.

[b]December 17, 2003

Dear Peggy,

Thank you for your email and for your interest in Chilis.

The only peanut product we have on our menu is a peanut dipping sauce for our Lettuce
Wraps. We do not use peanut oil in any of our foods.

We suggest you please advise your server or the manager on duty of your allergies when
placing your order to make sure no cross contamination occurs.

Again, thank you for your interest in Chilis and we look forward to your next visit, it
will be our pleasure to serve you.

Pharisa Smith-King
Guest Relations
Ref # 231677[/b]

Nice reply. Im still not too sure if Chilis will stay on our list though.


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