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CLIF Kids Organic Twisted Fruit

Really? Did they email you that information? When I phoned them they said that their product was NOT safe for us - of course we have many more allergens than peanut, including tree nut, milk, egg, wheat/gluten, etc...

I was excited to hear of another good nut-free product but here is what the web site says:

[b]""Do any of your products contain nuts?[/b]

Although the machinery that Clif Bar products are baked on is given a complete wet wash between bakes of different flavors, unfortunately, a microscopic trace (some literature suggests only a thousandth of a milligram!) of peanut and/or tree nuts can trigger a reaction in an allergic individual. There is simply no way to guarantee a peanut- and/or tree nut-free product in a facility where large amounts of peanut butter and almond butter are used.""