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Do people really call companies asking about PA?

Welcome Nak, its great to have you here. I trust the app that I use the most in order to confirm whether something is safe to eat. It was recommended to me here and its been working really well for me. I use Ipiit, though Ive heard good things about ShopWell, I havent used it yet. In the past I would call customer service in order to confirm whether their facilities were truly free of peanuts, because I wouldnt trust the labels. But with reliable apps now, its a lot easier. I hope this helps.

Hey Nak, I dont trust labels because Ive been burned in the past with nuts being at the facilities and cross-contamination, and its not worth the risk anymore. I do a lot of research on the food that I buy. Ill Google products when Im at the store. Ive been meaning to download Ipiit. Definitely going to do that tonight. Its about time. I say when in doubt go to the products site and/or call customer service to be sure.

Hi Nak, thanks for joining us here. I have called plenty of companies over the years and I call them when Im uncertain about the label. If its questionable Ill call for clarification. I pretty much stick to a lot of the same brands and know which ones I can trust but I use the ShopWell app regularly when Im out shopping.