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dr phil extreme allergies

Could you post the link on his webpage that will take us directly to his asking for stories on people with extreme allergies? Do you know if he specifies whether he is asking about food allergies or environmental? I couldnt find this on his website. This would be really good to post on the Main Discussion Board as well as the Media board. Thanks.


I just submitted the questionnaire. Well see if I get a call or email back. That would be cool if we got to be on the show. Im sure he will have a lot of responses though!

unfortunately, I did not see this until today. My son (12) spend and hour writing Dr Phil a letter, from a child point of view. But when he submited it...the thread was closed!!

Try again... I just submitted a short response and it worked.

OH, I wonder if he is still considering this as a show?

how on earth do we find out??


Originally Posted By: Faith3Try again... I just submitted a short response and it worked.

Thank you for letting me know. I was able to send in info today.

Williamsmummy, Im pretty sure he is... the link still worked and allowed responses the last I checked.

Disneycruising, no problem. Im glad you were able to submit a response!

I did again, just in case!!