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Dunkin Donuts

A lot of Dunkin Donuts are operated as franchises meaning that they really do not have ultimate oversight by the Dunkin Donuts corporation. I have wondered this myself for quite some time and when I did some research I found that Dunkin Donuts says that all facilities try to make sure that employees are aware of their customers allergy concerns they tell people to reach out to their local Dunkin Donuts in order to get the true story about what is happening at that location.

thats a good tip desmond and i think applies to most franchises. its good to speak with someone who knows for sure that there are no peanuts or tree nuts in any of their food or cross-contamination possibilities in that specific location.

i love a good donut but im leary of anything from a franchise like that where there may not be consistency among them all. i would talk to the local owner or manager to ensure that there are no nuts or potential for cross contamination.

I tend to stay away as desmond said....some of the franchisees might not be as stroct as enforcing policies.

My local dunkin donuts has signs that they are nut free. They seem to be really aware of nut allergies and peanut allergies. I do not know if they are a corporate run store or a franchise.

Our Dunkin franchises sell peanut-encrusted donuts, use almond extract or flavoring in ic8ngs, etc. Highly unsafe for legume and tree nut allergies and cross-contamination is rife as well.