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Epi-pen Holder

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Thanks Mary for the information.

I went to the web site and clicked on ""to order"" to see what all came with it. It mentioned that custom sizes, add on Benadryl pouches and bottle holders are available upon request. It didnt mention if it costs extra.

I love the new Epi-Belt. When I called to order I mentioned that our group had some concerns about only fitting one pen in the belt. (Most of us carry 2 on each child at all times since one only gives you 10-15 minutes for additional help to arrive...sometimes you need to re-inject if symptoms begin to re-appear and help has not arrived.) This had been brought to the companys attention earlier, and there is also a 2 pen design which my son wears. We are very pleased as the pouch that he used to wear seemed to collect bits of dust or dirt. Also we had pens in original tubing which often (he is 5) would get cracked making his needles no longer sterile. I believe the cost is approx. $70 in Canadian funds. Another concern of our group was that an ambulance attendant is not allowed to administer a second epi-pen that does not carry a prescription label on it. (In the belt you remove pens from original pkg.) One of our members came up with a clever way to overcome this problem. Ask pharmacy for an extra label (like the one on the plastic tubing). Fold the label almost in half and attach directly on epi-pen by very top and very bottom of label (which are now almost touching). This will enable people to read the directions on the pen. The ambulance attendants in our area (Southern Ontario, Canada) have only been allowed to administer epi-pens in the last couple of years. What happens in the U.S.? Do the ambulance attendants carry adrenaline?

A new epipen container on the market is Protectube. Feel free to contact me for information.

Carol, Please post the info about the new holder. Does it fit two pens as well as Benadryl?

Protectube is a container for the Epipen. Each Epipen requires one container. Protectube is designed to protect the epipen from damage and avoid accidental injection of the epipen if the grey cap should become dislodged. Protectube is waterproof, easy to open, clear, lightweight, UV protected, and made of very strong materials.

2 or more Protectubes will fit into most fanny packs.

YIKES! I have my dds pens in her diaper bag without the box they came in. Emergency wont give it to her if the presciption label isnt on it?!? I just have them in the tubes. Please answer...YIKES! Thanks Shan Oh, Im in Georgia...

Carol, I tried to e-mail you for information about the protectube but your e-mail address was not recognized by my provider (msn) and the mesage came back. Please, could you post details about how we can get this product on the boards. It sounds very useful.

When I checked with our local rescue I was also told that they could not administer Epi without the prescription label. I shudder to think that I didnt have the label with me for the 2 years before I knew this. Most rescue squads do not carry Epi.


My school requires the prescription label to be on both Epis, so they are there with the boxes, but I didnt know about the emergency services! The extra label is a great idea, because the Pen in the Box just doesnt seem as accessible. Thanks!

Protectube a new Epipen container is now available. Please visit my website at [url=""""][/url] for detailed information.

This was posted back in September. Im going to check it out!

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