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Epi-pen Holder

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Need one for Sept. thought that a new one was coming out soon, but cant wait any longer. Do people out there like the zoni epi belt? Any feedback appreciated, daughter is 5.

We are happy to announce that the EpiMate will be available for purchace in September 2000!Lindon Products and the EpiMate have proudly partnered with [url=""""][/url] those of you who are not familiar with this web site,it is the #1 on line pharmacy in the USA and is the sister company of CVS, the largest retail pharmacy in the country. We will be launching our informational web site, [url="",""],[/url] on August 20, 2000. The web site will provide you and your children with information, and believe it or not, family fun.Please feel free to contact us at any time at [email][/email].

we have launched [url=""""][/url] .Check it out!!!

I recently purchased the Epipen holder from Zoniinc for my son and we were both very pleased with the product. Its very durable, sleek and comfortable. Definitely a good purchase.

Yes, I purchased the zoni belt in early September also. I was waiting to see the new epi mate before I decided on the zoni. ...but the new epimate, although it looks awesome is not yet one that goes around the waist. We absolutely love the zoni. My daugher wears her epi pen around her waist, usually under clothing every day at school. She loves it too, hardly even notices that she is wearing the belt. I love knowing that the epi pen is with her always. I love it also when we are going shopping or on outings, I just throw it around her waist and the other one in my purse and were all set. You can get the zoni made for 2 pens, but it was too clunky for us, I wanted to ensure that one pen was with her at all times at school and we leave the second pen and benedryl with the school office. Cant say enough about it, Id recommend it to anyone!

I am just wondering where you find the Zoni? Sounds like the two of you (Morgansmom and Lynn) are quite happy with it...I looked at Epimate and Epi-belt on the far Epi-Belt is my favorite! I have a soft fannypack currently, that will not be good when I have my son responsible for carrying the epipen his self...So I am starting to look!

I think were talking about the same belt, the epi belt is made by zoni inc. I think! Anyways, heres the site, in case Im wrong.

ooooppss!! I see I made a mistake, they have moved their site to [url=""""][/url]

Thanks Morgansmom, I have printed out an order form, will get it off in the mail soon!

Chris from asked me to post this information he received from zoni in another thread and I felt it should be placed in this thread too. Its about being able to carry Benadryl along with your Epi-pen.

An add on Benadryl pouch is still available and can be added onto all our
belts except for size small or a holster. The Benadryl pouch holds two
chewable tablets only.

We also make pouches that can be added onto the belt that carry a
puffer/inhaler. It wont fit on a small size or holster. Also, some
people have to carry all three, EpiPen, benadryl and puffer. This combo
will only fit on a large size or bigger. If someone wants a medium, its
either a puffer pouch or benadryl pouch but not both.

Thanks Chris.

Thanks to Cayleys Mom who walked me through the steps of being able to post without re-writing all the information I had received. And thanks to Chris for following up on this for a different thread and getting good, up-to-date information for all of us.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


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