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Five year old daughter diagnosed with PA.

WOW... what does one have to do around here to get a reply... not much of a forum is it?? I guess Ill have to look for another discussion group to join.

The first thing I did was check out all the books I could at the library. that was very helpful. Also, check out FAANs website and join a local allergy support group in your area if they have one. Ours is great, they have food free holiday events and parent chats etc. In the beginning it is crazy scary, but as time goes on you learn what is safe/not safe and it gets easier to manage. When my son started school we got him an allergy bracelet. We had to try several kinds to find one he thought was comfortable. Here are some book I found helpful

How to manage your childs life-threatening food allergies : practical tips for everyday life / Linda Marienhoff Coss.

How to live with a nut allergy : everything you need to know if you are allergic to peanuts or tree nuts / Chad K. Oh and Carol Kennedy.

The complete peanut allergy handbook / Scott H. Sicherer and Terry Malloy.

The parents guide to food allergies : clear and complete advice from the experts on raising your food-allergic child / Marianne S. Barber, with Maryanne Bartoszek Scott and Elinor Greenberg ; foreword by Hugh A. Sampson.

Food Allergies for Dummies – Robert A Wood.