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Food allergist Chicago area?

I love our allergist, she is in Winnekta.

Here is her name and contact info:
Dr. Kim Ricaurte
570 Lincoln Ave
Suite 4
Winnekta 60093

She works out of her own office, and I beleive that she doesnt have office hours on Fridays.


Thank you so much. I will call her. Winnetka is a bit of a drive for us, but I was driving to Skokie for a while for my sons Dr., so I will give your allergist a call. Thank you SO much. There are several allergists nearby here, but I am just not confident in using some of them for several reasons. Thanks again.

If you havent already done so, you could try contacting the Northwest MOCHA group (Mothers of Children Having Allergies). Heres the address of the president: [email][/email]

DS - age 4 - allergic to peanuts and eggs
DS - age 2 - no known allergies