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freezing icing

I havent had any problems with freezing frosted cupcakes for about a month at a time. When I freeze frosting separately, I usually have to thin it a little. Still, its a great convenience!

Jennifer B

Think ""ice cream cake"" yum! It has frozen frosting on it.

I too have frozen frosted cupcakes, though honestly prefer fresh baked if possible.

I actually freeze mine either on a tray and then wrap to avoid any sticking OR I freeze them in individual cup a cake holders that you can purchase online.

The type of frosting used might make a difference. Home made might not freeze as well store bought canisters due to the consistency.

Thank you both for your replies..I was just thinking an investment in a cupcake holder was in order...I know Ive seen them somewhere. Was it Gosseberry Patch? Thanks Again!

FYI-if you save the upcs on your cherrybrook kitchen mix you can get free of the items is a cup a cake holder.

That is exactly what I was going to recommend--the cup a cake holders. They are perfect for bringing a ""safe"" cupcake to school or parties!

Jennifer B