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Girl in UK dies after using UK Aquafresh

this was a sad story! what i dont understand is if this girl and her family had been as well versed in food allergies as they say (since she had had them her whole life), why didnt she carry an epi-pen?????

I am wondering if someone in the household used her toothbrush or she shared a toothpaste tube with someone.

I have my own toothpaste tube and all my toothpaste stuff is kept in a drawer to avoid contamination.

I did switch was a Crest brand....and had burning in my mouth. It had an extra non-sugar sweetner in it and I attributed it to that since my mother has trouble with artificial sweetners.

I finally remembered the name of the sugar sweetner that I had problems with in my toothpaste. Xylitol. Here is a research abstract about it and it does cause allergic reactions. Some toothpastes do contain this substance.

English Title: Xylitol as a causative agent of oral erosive eczema.
Personal Authors: Hanakawa, Y., Hanakawa, Y., Tohyama, M., Yamasaki, K., Hashimoto, K.
Author Affiliation: Department of Dermatology, School of Medicine, Ehime University, Ehime, Japan.
Editors: No editors
Document Title: British Journal of Dermatology, 2005 (Vol. 152) (No. 4) 821-822

A case of oral erosive eczema is reported in a 45-year-old man from Japan who presented with oral erosions. An area of erythema with bullae was also found in his right thigh and on the right side of his chest. Interview revealed that he had chewed xylitol-containing gum every day for 5 months. He usually kept the xylitol-containing chewing gum in the right pocket of his shirt or the right pocket of his trousers. After placing the xylitol-containing chewing gum into the left pocket of his trousers, he presented with a new area of erythema on his left thigh and experienced sweats. Patch testing to various chewing gums showed that only xylitol-containing gums elicited severe allergic reactions. The subject also had an allergic reaction to the wrapping paper of the xylitol-containing chewing gum. A further patch test using the components of the chewing gums confirmed that xylitol was the causative reagent of the allergic reaction