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Good allergist in Independence, Mo?

I _would_ recommend Dr. Portnoy at the Childrens Mercy Allergy & Asthma Clinic, but my guess is that your friend is an adult and not a child.

I do not have IgE allergies, but I have been properly tested by my allergist/immunologist/rheumatologist in KC. His name is Dr. Nabih Abdou (first name pronounced Nah-BEE). Since I didnt test positive for any IgE allergies, I cant tell you much about how his clinic advises people who do test positive. I can tell you that when I had cold-induced urticaria four years ago, he wrote me a script for an Epi-Pen. His office on Wornall in KC (near the Country Club Plaza) has a laboratory built in, so thats nice.

I hope you get a good recommendation close to Independence.


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April, Ive forwarded your reply to my friend. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. Much appreciated!

Also saw Dr. Portnoy 5 years ago. I think if you search his name he is mentioned several times and usually in a positive way. Also search Kansas City Doctors.

We really appreciated him.

Adele, glad to help.

About Dr. Portnoy, hes the head of the department. Hes a good guy. Last visit, he took pictures of my kids with his digital camera and put them in the letter he mailed back to us after the visit. The kids liked that.

It seems like his published work is more around environmental allergies, but he does care about food allergies. After Nates anaphylaxis incident in preschool (about a year ago), Dr. Portnoy developed a revised action plan for Nate that included DEMANDING activated charcoal in the ER in addition to the Epi if Nate ever has an ingestion again.