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Harpers article and NPR interview re: exaggeration of food allergies

Ive posted the Harpers article at the following links:

She is very confused about many things.

I really love Dr. Sicherers comment on this article and the
interview on WNYC:


My name is Scott Sicherer. I am a pediatric allergist and researcher(government and private funded) specializing in food allergy. I am co-author on most of the studies that Ms. Broussard quotes in her Harpers article where she implies conspiracy and trivializes this significant medical problem. I am also a volunteer medical advisor to FAAN, an organization that she mocks but is, in my view, a non-profit that has clearly increased safety for those who suffer from this medical illness. I mention these points because by Ms. Broussards reasoning these personal involvements would probably disqualify me from discussing food allergy (e.g., conspiracy to exaggerate). Apparently, NPR also sees some odd virtue in having a non-medical expert journalist be a spokesperson for health issues. I have never posted to sites like this and I am a bit reluctant to draw any additional attention to Ms. Broussards hurtful, confused and potentially dangerous comments, but I was obviously compelled to do so...It is easy to play debate team with any topic but here it has become irresponsible and, indeed, potentially dangerous. I am glad to see so many listeners have spoken up on their disappointment and made important points that I will not reiterate. I would be pleased to provide actual evidence-based educational information about food allergy on this show--but maybe that is too uninteresting for the media? I hope that is not the case.

I hope they take him up on his offer to be on the show. It would go a long way toward undoing the damage caused by this irresponsible piece of journalism.

Another allergist has come forward and written a wonderful rebuttal to the Harpers article:

Dr. Hugh Sampson will be a guest on the show on Thursday, January 31 at 12:40 pm.