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Hello all

Hi Melissa,

Welcome! I hope you will find lots of info, advice and support here. If you ever have a question or need help, dont hesitate to post. Welcome [img][/img]

p.s. a really god feature here is the ""search"" command

Hi There,

Sorry that you have to deal with this. My DH family took it verylightly. They still kind of do.... therefore I will not leave my DS in my MIL care. She doesnt live close to us so we dont see her on a weekly basis and she spends the winter in FL so....

She is dying for me to let my DS stay with her for a weekend but I wont do that. she is just to careless. I dont hink she would intensionally give him something but she doesnt understand that "" may contains"" is not safe.

anyway, welcome.

Welcome crazytwigg to!

You will find lots of information and support here.

My son was diagnosed around age 2 and is now 7. We also have peanut and egg.

I know it is hard and seems overwhelming, but with time and education it will get easier.

Spend time reading here and ask any questions you need answered. Youll be an allergy expert in no time! 🙂


Sorry to hear about your sons allergies. It can be a scary thing. I know it was for us, even with me being alleric to peanuts myself. I have been allergic for 36+ years and my 5yr old twin boys are since the age of 8 months. You will find that no one will take your childs allergy quite as seriously as you and many will just not understand it, even relatives. Educate yourselves and be firm with relatives, friends and daycare about the allergy and proper protocols. Keep your home 100% nut-free. Become a label reader and shop together so if one of your misses it the other can catch it and re-read it again before opening or serving. Peanuts can be in or be processed in or with so many different things that it can be a real challenge to police everything, but this site among others can be very helpful in minimizing the things you can avoid both food and otherwise. I wish you well in protecting your child.

My boys are also allergic to tree nuts, strawberries, milk and eggs. They and I also have Asthma and the allergies that go along with it like the foods, dust, dust mites, pet dander, trees, weeds, pollen, ect. such a laundry list. Good luck!

I do the same thing - read the label, hand it to my husband to read then read it again before openining. =)

I am also new to this site. My child is 12, and has had several LTAs since birth. Now we only contend with peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish. It has not always been an easy road, but I believe society is finally becoming more educated. This seems like a great site, with compassionate members. I look forward to sharing insights.
Be safe and have fun!

your lucky his levels are so low, but peanut allergies can be very unpredictable and I would never ever give him any peanut at home in case of a reaction - which he has already had. That can be very dangerous. There is a chance he may outgrow it since his levels are so low. Please discuss this with your allergist. We do not have any peanut butter/peanuts in our house anymore. WE love Barney butter -which is almond butter produced in a peanut free facility so no chance for cross contamination.