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Welcome. I have a 10 year old with allergies to shellfish and peanuts. In addtion to ammoxicilan and pollen, dust, dog and cat.

My life has definately changed since his diagnosis at about age 2. The older he gets the easier it gets however, getting old and wanting to do things with out me presents new challenges.

have you called the school she will go to in reguards to peanut safety that may be or may need to be implimented. I am not sure about coconut allergies as much as I know about peanut allergies but it is important to have a working relationship with the school. Your child will need a 504 disablity plan and an individualized health plan. It is much easier if you talk to the school well in advance.

No I havent called. I was going to start a thread under the school section for advice on when to start. Her pre-school is part of the public school system that she will be going to kindergarten in. But it is a different school. I am not sure if their peanut policy is district wide or just school by school. Her current school has what I call a part-time peanut policy, only enforced in the classroom and only when there is an allergic kid. But they do allow epi-pen to be carried by the teacher at all times.

thats a start. In my experience, up until my daughter almost died in October, our school had the peanut free table and no peanut products in a class room with an allergic child. After my daughter being intubated and on mechanical ventilation things changed a little. I made someone from school district as well as her principle come up and see her laying there lifeless. I think I got my point across. They wrote a letter to all the parents saying what happened to my daughter and that there are other peanut allergic children in the school. They urged them not to bring peanut items in the school. I actually talked to the principle the other day and I was shocked she said a little girl came to her and said but I really like peanut butter, and the principle told her thats fine but you have to sit outside the lunch room and brush your teeth after lunch. I know its not a completely safe situation but this is the best I have gotten out of a school so far.

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