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Im not sure if I should post the granola bar recipe because it contains nuts. Jeremy is only allergic to peanuts. There are a lots of people on this board with children with nut allergies. Is it okay to post the recipe do you think?
Anaphalaxis Canada suggests buying nuts in the shell and shelling them yourself to guarantee a peanut-free product. Im happy about this because it means that I can make our traditional Christmas cookies (which my son wont eat anyway, but at least our house remains ""peanut-free"").

Quote:Originally posted by AnnaMarie:
[b]Marie-France, Kelloggs Canada and Quaker (in Canada) both label for *may contain* on their packaging.

I know Kelloggs has a bar, but Im not sure if its granola. Have you checked the Quaker ones? If neither of them have what youre looking for do a search of the Manufacturers Forum.

And, when you have a minute, (if you want to share [img][/img] ) you could post your recipe for granola bars unders Snacks and Recipes. [img][/img]

Welcome to the boards. [/b]

Welcome Kaye!

You will find that there are several people on this board dealing with multiple allergy problems. So sorry to hear your son tested so allergic, too. I know that must be hard!

Hope that we can be of help or offer support or just a place to vent. Well help any way we can...

Again.. welcome.

Thanks for your support! Its nice to meet you.

My allergist recommended a rotation diet, so Im looking for some good recipes.

Thanks for your encouragement


Hi!I have a 1 yr old son with severe food allergies.I just posted about it on this board this past week , read under Severe food allergies and eczema posting by researching mom.How old is your son? Did you recognize before your son was tested that he was reacting to all or most of those foods that he tested positive to?

Gday Kaye (and reseacher!)

Im writing from Australia - my wife is PA and we obviously have to watch everythng we eat, but I can;t imagine how hard it is for you, wit multiple allergies for you and your son.

Welcome - its nice to meet you [img][/img]

Geoff (Helens hubby)

PS dont forget to use the search feature on the site - you can find lots of advice and recies that way!

Thank you both for your replys. My son is six years old. Fortunately, Ive dealt with allergies for myself for a really long time. But, even with everything I ""thought"" I knew, Im learning a lot on this site. Ive realized that Ive been putting my life at risk by assuming that companies are accurate in their labeling, but now realizing that theyre not.

My son has been losing weight and cries a lot. Doesnt take much to upset him. He also complains of his stomach cramping and not feeling well. He coughs a lot and his voice is always horse (sp?). His blood sugars are abnormal but not in the diabetic range, which lead my allergist to suspect food allergies. I should have seen it, but didnt. Should have realized when he was an infant and projectile vomiting (symptom of food allergy).

I also stopped vaccines because they made him so ill.

I thought a rotation diet would be easy but I no longer think that.


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[This message has been edited by Kaye92 (edited July 13, 2003).]

I, too, have a Tyler - hes 8 months. Hes not PA that I know of yet. My 3 year-old is PA - we have a history of milk allergy, eczema, asthma so I was told to wait until he was 2 to try peanuts. I waited until he was almost 2 1/2. His lip swelled right after he took a bite of the cookie - he never swallowed anything. He immediately started crying to get it out of his mouth. Then he lost his voice. We ended up in the ER that night with severe breathing problems.

Its been almost a year now and Im still learning! This site is great. Im sure youll find lots of information and support - I have. His allergist said eating products containing peanut oil or cooked in peanut oil was up to me and my comfort level. If its heat-refined, its not supposed to contain any of the reaction-provoking protein. But it could still possibly contain protein and I think most people treat it as a ""may contain traces"" and not eat it. We have stopped going to Chick-Fil-A for that reason. My son has never had a reaction there as far as I know but sometimes its hard to tell with him. He has asthma that can be brought on by a cold or triggered by allergies. He had a case of the worst croup Ive ever heard the night after he had a granola bar (that was just after he was diagnosed and before I was fully educated).

Im just now getting him a Medic-Alert bracelet - didnt have one before since he was with me all the time or at church. But after reading lots of input on these boards I realize I should have had one lots earlier. Hes going to preschool in the fall so were preparing on that front. The school has had PA kids before so itll be a refresher for them.

Welcome - sorry you have to be here but its a great resource and youre not alone!

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! We consider ourselves extremely blessed that Tylers allergy was initially found via a scratch test rather than from a reaction. He has had eczema, reflux, and a wheat sensitivity. Luckily he has outgrown all but the eczema and the PA (and of course we are holding out hope there too).

Ty is in a home daycare part time and that is working pretty well but I fear for the day he goes to school. Am strongly considering the Medic Alert bracelet but he is not past the putting-everything-in-his-mouth phase yet.

Best wishes that your younger child will avoid the PA!


PS. We are in NC, too, in the Raleigh area.

Mom to Tyler:

Welcome to the board. This is a great place for advice and support.

In my opinion, peanut oil is not safe. There has been a lot written about peanut oils and their processes (there is hot pressed and cold pressed, one is supposedly safe and the other is not). Personally, I do not feel comfortable letting either of my PA children eat anything that has peanut oil, or is labeled ""may contain"" or ""processed in a facility that.."" If it says ""peanut"" anywhere on the package, we dont buy it. Also, beware of non-food items which could also cause reactions, such as sunscreens and lotions! (My DD reacted to Banana Boat - peanut oil in the lotion).

PA is a very unpredictable allergy. A person may react strongly to it at one point and barely react at all at another point. Full avoidance is your best route.

As for the Medic Alert bracelets, I just recently got them for both my 7 year old PA son and my 2 year old PA daughter. We got the sport band kind. So far, so good. My 2 year old didnt want to wear it at first and cried, but luckily my best friend (who she LOVES) wears all these punk bracelets, so we could say to her... ""Look, your bracelet is like Jeremys!"" Now she pays no attention to it and we NEVER take it off.

Because she is both so young and has such sensitive skin, I didnt want to risk getting the metal band Medic Alert, as I am allergic to many metals myself. I will have to buy her a few more bands as she grows (I cut this one small enough to fit her wrist and burned the end with a lighter so it wouldnt fray, but it wont fit her forever!)

Take a look at the sport band kind. Personally, I think they are better than the metal ones for little, active ones.

Good luck, and again.. welcome!

Welcome! Glad you found this site. Lots of useful information here.

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