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Holiday parties - what do you do to get through them?

Sunshine, you do exactly what I do. I always eat before going to a party unless I know that the hosts are aware and cater to PA. I have a couple of friends who have house parties during the holidays and theyll have special prep and a section especially for their PA family and friends. Its nice. Otherwise, I will not touch the food when Im at a holiday party. If its catered, Ill talk to the servers and/or caterer about the food.

If I am friends with the hosts I will remind them of my PA. But if I am not close to them then I will ask about the food when I arrive. Ill usually talk to the caterer and sometimes they do cater to PA. When Im unsure, I will eat beforehand and usually bring a protein bar in my purse. I know that sounds silly but sometimes I have to go from one party to the next and it ends up being a long evening so I bring a snack just in case I get hungry.

Thank you! Its a good idea to talk to the host or caterer. Im always a bit shy when it comes to that but I do need to start speaking up otherwise Ill starve every time Im out.

When Im invited to a party I usually contact the host and talk to them about my allergies. They are always receptive and accommodating. If I dont think theyll have options for me then Ill eat at home beforehand.