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Homemade chocolate??

krinow08-In theory that would be a great idea. Unfortunately I have never seen a choc wafer that stated it was peanut/tree nut free. In fact, many have warning labels.

Best Allergy Sites is a directory that lists allergy friendly companies-food and otherwise. Click on the peanut free section.

With regards to chocolate-Enjoy Life makes chocolate chips that are pnut/nut free and available in whole foods and other grocery stores as well as online.

There are also many companies out there that make safe chocolate like Vermont Nut Free, Divvies and others.

If you do find a choc nut free wafer-be sure to let us know! 🙂

Hi Ruth! I came across this website today that claimed to have peanut free chocolate wafers. I plan on contacting them Monday morning. Wouldnt that be so wonderful If it were safe for our kids!!! I will make the cutest chocolates for my lil guy!! Ill keep you posted. Let me know if you have any info on this.

The name of the chocolate is Guittard.

Thanks for letting me know, that is truly fantastic!

Ive heard of Guittard but was not aware that they made chocolate wafers.

Ive found their allergen statement and have linked below.

They do have almonds in their facility but on a single line.

Here is a copy of the email I sent regarding these chocolates, and the reply I received. Im soooo excited about this and I just wanted to pass this info along to others!

Hello, I came across your website and I just had a quick question
> about your products. Im interested in purchasing the melt and mold chocolates,
> however, I have a son with peanut, tree nut and egg allergies. Can you tell
> me if your chocolates would be safe for him to eat? How are your chocolates
> processed? I did notice it states peanut free on your website, but wasnt sure
> of the risk of possible cross contamination. I, myself happen to be vegan. Do
> you have any vegan melt and mold chocolates? I would love to hear back from
> you as soon as you can! I would gladly let all my friends at peanut
> about the great news!!! Thank you! feel free to call or email me!
> 🙂 Kelly

Hello Kelly!

The Guittard chocolate is completely tree nut free with no cross
contamination! We love Guittard!!! They are made in a building that
contains no nut products on machines that have never been used for nuts!

We dont carry vegan melt and molds....

Thank you for forwarding my information!


Wow, this is interesting given the allergy statement/letter I linked to off their website.

Obviously their practices have changed or the woman is misinformed (my guess is the practices have changed). When I get a chance, perhaps Ill contact them as well to clear up the issue with their online letter.

Thanks for letting us know and for looking into it!


Ruth, that would be great if you could call or email as well. This will be so great if in fact this is a true nut free facility!