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How to deal with a kid who just found out he has a PA?

Contacting your childs school and speaking with administrators about his newly diagnosed peanut allergy is the first step. Then asking the administrator if there are other children with the same allergy because most likely there are. Letting your son know that there are other kids with the same allergy and how common peanut allergies are will be comforting because then he wont feel like hes alone in this.

This is such an important topic because I feel like kids feel alienated when they first find out about their PA but first and foremost knowledge is power. Explaining what it means to have a PA is key and also explaining that they are not alone in this. I like Italias approach of talking to a school administrator about other kids in the school. If your child knows that there are other kids in school with PA they wont feel alone in this. Like were all here together in this community, thats how theyll feel.

Sounds like a tough problem.