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I Just Want Some Ice Cream!

Hi Jillybean,

I hear ya!

We have had reactions to trace amounts of peanut in ice cream so we never ever buy ice cream. Anywhere. Ever. Friends tell me its okay if its a clean scoop, but I wont chance it. So we make our own, and he vows that he will open a peanut-free ice cream store. 🙂 He is so frustrated about not finding entirely peanut-free ice cream (in the strictest sense), he said he ""hates"" the dairy near our house. It is a real bummer and we can relate! But, you know, the homemade stuff is pretty good! At least it is possible to get it if you make it yourself...

Jennifer B

Jenniferbfab - what ice cream have you guys reacted to, if you dont mind my asking?

We were eating at Marble Slab all the time, but I finally hit bottom in my denial about it. We clearly saw globs of pb ice cream in the neighboring bucket, and the peanut coated cones were dropping peanut pieces into the plain cones below them!!! 🙁 Scary!!! I know they meant well and they always used seperate ""ware"" for dd, but all the ice cream is contaminated in there IMO...

We have done well with Breyers, but ice cream still makes me nervous...

We had problems with a regional ice cream company, Friendlys. I am terrified of ice cream, lol!

Even Good Humor sherbet (same company as Breyers) has resulted in anaphylactic reactions. I dont trust any of them.

I do confess, that I take an extreme view on ice cream and peanut allergy, and have a very strict definition of peanut-free too. I know plenty of other allergy families who do just fine with Breyers. Our ice cream reaction was just too scary for me to relax and give it another go. 🙂

Jennifer B

My son has peanut, tree nut, egg, sesame, and whole soy allergies and weve done fine and feel comfortable with Hood. Ive called the main company and was told that they run the least allergenic ice cream first and wash the lines between each batch. I was also told that they test the lines.

Weve never had issues with Hood or Breyers. I also make my own at times when I want a unique flavor. But the basics from the above brands have worked for us.

When eating at an ice cream bar, I have asked that they open a new container to avoid cross contamination and they usually will. Sometimes they do it without my asking.

Hope that helps1