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I lied

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I think that you absolutely did the right thing. I would have done the same. You are a mom first and foremost and the health and well-being of your child is your first priority so you are amazing for coming up with the idea of letting her know that you are PA as well. I agree with other posts here that you can let her know that you outgrew the allergy. But getting here to eat and trust food again is really important. What she went through is scary and this is the best way to get her to a good place. You are a great mom!

If your child is afraid to eat because of an allergic reaction and going to the hospital, thats totally understandable. But what you did for your child is so commendable and shows what a fantastic mom you are. We would do anything for our kids and when theyre not eating, especially becuase of a traumatic experience, I would say just about anything to ensure that they overcome a fear and start to eat again.

I agree. When she is older, you can explain that you did what you did out of love and concern. It was all for her health and well being. You are such a great mom. You can take baby steps to get her to trust foods. The first baby step could be "lets try it together, at the same time" and try that for a while. Then "can you taste it for mommy first?" This way she will ease back into trusting foods again.

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