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Kraft Needs to Do The Right Thing and Label Their Products

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We have to figure out how to get cross contamination risk mandatory on the food label. I have tried emailing everyone with an email address at the CSPI but got an email back that this is not on their priority list - they think they did a good enough job getting the 8 major allergens listed years ago in the food allergen labeling legislation but they left this major loophole. So frustrating!

If you cut and past all the email addresses you contacted into the comment section of this discussion, I promise I will also contact them and try to get my friends and family to do so as well. If they are not bombarded and contacted repeatedly, nothing will happen.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Nothing else gets attention!

Why patronize a company that refuses to label stuff? There are tons of competitors that you can choose.

Best thing to do is quit buying preprocessed food and make your own. I know there are certain things, like chocolate, that are hard to make yourself, in those cases you buy from brands that do label.

Hi there! I dont have all the emails handy - I just went to their website & probably the contact us section & found as many as I could... center for science in public interest... we really need to get Michael Jacobsons address but he doesnt list it:( or phone # (LOL)

I will go on there then. Nothing will happen unless people like us take action.

I know of a site that lists lots of products that are peanut free (and other common allergens-free) and deal directly with manufacturers for their info.

Also, Ive dealt with Hersheys directly, and they were very helpful in not only providing info about how they try to keep nut products in a separate factory/location from their other products, but theyll even track the bar code and production date to the products factory and tell you everything made in said factory, as well as the factories location.

It can be frustrating and time consuming to deal with companies for clear cut answers, but while ones [like Kraft] may be difficult there are several others that are very helpful.

For instance, Ghirdelli is another I called today, and their consumer affairs rep was so nice and answered all my questions and gave me unlimited information. She encouraged me to let my other friends/family/and fellow FA Moms to call them up if they had any questions about food allergies and their products. *They stopped using peanuts in their factories in 2011, the only product not produced in their factories are: White Chocolate Chips, and that manufacturer does use peanuts, unfortunately. The only Tree Nuts used are Almonds, Hazel Nuts and Coconuts. These tree nuts are not manufactured with any other nuts, thus no peanut contamination.

Take Heart knowing that at least there are other companies willing to help provide info and go that extra mile. I have the numbers for both Hersheys and Ghirdhelli if needed. Hope this helps

If you could post those #s that would be tremendously helpful to everyone on this site.

Thank you also for passing along the site

This is good info

Absolutely, heres the number for Ghardelli: 1-800-877-9338, and ask for Consumer Affairs. Woman I spoke with was Rameshia, and was so wonderfully helpful.
For Hersheys I called the number on the back on the bottle (which Ive since thrown out), but here is the link to their contact forum for the US, and many other parts of the world (they say to put in the month and year you are wanting to contact, so Im guessing their number changes to allow for lower call waiting)

Im always checking on info and looking for products.
Also, if you have a Trader Joes in your area, they not only list the ingredients but also manufacturing info on all products. So, if anything is made around or shares equipment with known allergins it lists it right there on the package. This makes my shopping trips so much easier. I inquired in store about this and that is their standard on all Trader Joes products. Therefore, if the label doesnt say its made in or around peanuts, then you know its safe.

Thank you for this information. Its great!

The maddest I have been was a couple months ago - tried to contact Klondike bar company. Figured it likely was not ok but the label did not state either way regarding cross contamination so I thought I would check. There is no info on their website nor contact number. You can email them but they have a disclaimer that they do not respond to all emails;) I noticed it was a Unilever product so I found a number for them online and called. I spoke to someone & did not get a good answer & also had their statement read to me that advising that if the food allergies were that severe that it would be wise to avoid eating any processed foods. I said ""you mean Unilever processed foods"" & they responded no that it meant any processed foods. I was really flabbergasted at their response & surprisingly did not know what to say. The more I have thought about it, the more mad I am. Eventually I will call them & give them my 2 cents but never enough time in the day...

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