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Restaurants can use whatever they like in their own place, and I dont think there will ever be a law to change that. Especially since FAAN states that peanut oil is ok for ""most"" PA people. The only thing to do is educate them and hope they change to another oil for ""PC"" reasons.

Yeah, good luck convincing a restaurant chain to change their oil. Chick-fil-A uses peanut oil insisting its healthy. I told them that the vegetable oil in my house had fewer transfats than their peanut oil and calorie wise was a lot better too. If other food places can avoid using peanut oil, why cant they? I told them that they have lost not just one customer but quite a few because of their bad attitude. No one in my family has been since.

I dont think there is any type of law in any state that says restaurants cannot use peanut oil. Too bad there wasnt one.