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Thanks for the link. Typical ignorant comments there too. That is the kind of stuff that makes me terrified for my dd as she gets older.

I agree...there is so much educating that needs to be done to non allergic families!

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why airlines dont ban peanuts on board. AA told me ""they cant control what people bring on board"". Nonsense. Dont the airlines control what we bring on? No liquids, no flammables, etc...? Why not peanuts?

I signed my dd up for a little daycamp thing, and told the instructor that she had a peanut allergy. The woman told me they were equipped to deal, etc.. and then told me that her cousin had a reaction to peanuts *During A Flight* and they had to do an emergency landing (this was years ago). Wouldnt it be far more convenient to just not serve the peanuts to begin with? Are they so essential to human nutrition & sustinence during a flight? NO! Epi-pens and benadryl only buy you so much time, kwim?

I saw this story on the MSNBC morning news the other day. I could not believe the hosts (female one) reaction to the story after it ran. She laughed and said that the boy should feel lucky that he got a snack for free because airlines are now charging for them. I do not even need to tell how angry I was at this ignorance. I read your post and it reminded me of it. Some people can be sooooo ignorant and thoughtless!