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Mom trying to learn about my 2 yr old daughters peanut allergy

Your allergist will help answer more of your questions, but I got a lot of info from the library. These books were great, in order. Plus check out FAAN for a local allergy support group. We removed all peanut butter/peanut products from our house.

How to manage your childs life-threatening food allergies : practical tips for everyday life / Linda Marienhoff Coss.

How to live with a nut allergy : everything you need to know if you are allergic to peanuts or tree nuts / Chad K. Oh and Carol Kennedy.

The complete peanut allergy handbook / Scott H. Sicherer and Terry Malloy.

The parents guide to food allergies : clear and complete advice from the experts on raising your food-allergic child / Marianne S. Barber, with Maryanne Bartoszek Scott and Elinor Greenberg ; foreword by Hugh A. Sampson.

Food Allergies for Dummies – Robert A Wood.

My 11 month old was just diagnosed with a peanut allergy. Im new to this as well. Im still in the research/panicking phase but you might want to ask your allergist about a brand new blood test called You Know Peanut. Its expensive and not covered by insurance yet but we were able to get it for cheaper by going to a lab that was doing a study with the company. It told us how allergic he is and what component of the peanut he is allergic to. I wish you the best and hopefully we will both learn everything we need to know to keep our children safe and our families and ourselves sane.

um, do you have a link for information on this test. I googled it and got nothing.