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My Cheesecake factory peanut allergy experience

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Quote:Originally posted by MommaBear:
could you share which one you ate at? We live in the Chicago area.[/b]

The one in Old Orchard in Skokie.

thank you. [img][/img]

Anyone eat at the one in Burlington, MA without problems?

We have eaten at the one on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and the one at Easton Town Center in Columbus, OH. Both of them were very accomodating and my son had no problems. I think he ate noodles and pizza.


Quote:Originally posted by CorinneM1:
[b]We recently ate at a Cheesecake factory, and before we sat down, the manager came over and explained to us that many of their food items are safe, that they do not use peanut oils, that their servers and chefs were very familiar with the allergy, and that they are aware and cautious.

He advised us to stay away from any of the Asian items and stated that there were certain cheesecakes that were nut free. He couldnt say if they were peanut safe, so we did not risk it. We were too stuffed anyway for dessert.[/b]

This weekend, we booked a hotel room (with a pool [img][/img] ), went shopping and called in advance to a Cheesecake Factory location nearby.

Our experience was similiar. [img][/img] (I also contacted corporate in California a week earlier and investigated at that end as well (wrt: food allergies). [i]I[/i] found them very accommodating and informed. I did not get a canned generic response, but rather personal service bordering on, if not what we experienced at Disney.

[i]No complaints here.[/i]

My cubs ordered filets, side dishes, and [i]cheesecake[/i]. The manager and head chef personally oversaw the preparation and cooking of our order. Precautions to avoid cross contamination and label reading from corporate on down to the kitchen were implemented. I was impressed, and believe me, Im a hard sell. Were nitpicky, particular, neurotic people. We generally keep to ourselves.

Hey, maybe my cubs have [i]outgrown[/i] their allergies, but last time my oldest was recently checked, this was not the assessment. Again, maybe its changed. Maybe we just lucked out. Maybe Im a BAD MOMMY. Considering my cubs past reactions. Some of which have caught us completely off-guard. But it worked out for *us*. My cubs had a wonderful experience. Cant speak (or guarantee) for others. IMMV. Maybe I took my childrens lives into my hands.

General Disclaimer: Maybe situations, practices, menus, ingredients, and individual mileage may vary. I dont know. I investigated for myself and made a decision. It might have been the wrong decision, but personally? It worked out for *us*. Individual Mileage May Vary. Just describing our [b]own personal, highly individual and possibly unique situation[/b]. I could be doing it all wrong. But Im going to write a letter of thanks to corporate. Cant make recommendation or speak for anyone else.

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MB, Im dying to know how they assured the safety of the cheesecake, since they make so many varieties.

One of DSs fondest dreams would be to go to our local Cheesecake Factory and order a nice big piece of cake!

How did they convince you?


Quote:Originally posted by Going Nuts:
[b]MB, Im dying to know how they assured the safety of the cheesecake, since they make so many varieties.


I dont remember them assuring the safety wrt PA/NUTS of their cheesecake.Did I say they did? [img][/img]

If I remember right, and I understand it, some *are* made with peanuts and/or nuts.

[i]MommaBear trying to remember if she has ever had [b]anyone[/b] ever assured her of [b]anything[/b] 100%.[/i]

also trying to think of *anything* [b]I[/b] would take as a 100% guarantee from any mortal [i]even if they said it was[/i].

But hey, thats just me.

General Disclaimer: I am not offering advice in any manner or form. Just describing my own personal highly individual and unique situation. IMMV.

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Which location did you go to? The North Shore or Downtown?

Quote:Originally posted by CorinneM1:

Which location did you go to? The North Shore or Downtown?[/b]

Woodfield. Im planning on lunching with the cubs and grandma at Oak Brook soon....

Again, no advice, just my own personal, highly individual and possibly unique situation. IMMV.

Cheesecake Factory in Minneapolis is the only restaurant that has ever declined to serve me. We were going there for a family function and I called ahead. Spoke with the manager and he stated that due to the variety of items on their menu that the restaurant could not assume any responsibility for the chance of cross-contamination with peanuts and that I should simply avoid eating there. Thats customer service.

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