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My Cheesecake factory peanut allergy experience

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Quote:Originally posted by MommaBear:
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reading: page three, ""Role of the Family""

interesting, but no surprises here.

General disclaimer: I am not offering advice in any manner or form. I do not guarantee the accuracy, currentness or content of the link in this post. IMMV.

Mommabear I go to resturants all the time with my kids and I always access the desserts, most of the time we do not get them. If they have soft ice cream we always get it, with many questions asked of course.
I think we may have gotten cake from Olive Garden. I went in the kitchen examined the box , ingredients, made them open a fresh one, etc. I saw the kitchens of many resturants, lol I felt comfortable with that cake that day, maybe if i was having a high anxiety day I wouldnt of, kwim?

I think that is so cute that your son is buying valentines! My son just turned 8 and already I am hearing the word crush come from his mouth, but its never him its always another boy or girl has a crush on someone else, lol

I too am thinking about when he gets older and I find myself letting him lead, in resturants, at parties, etc to see how he handles himself in regards to his allergy and just life in general.
I am finding that my younger kids are questioning foods. His 5 year old brother may be his biggest protector, even refusing to sit on a horse named peanut because his brother is allergic

We just got back from eating at a Cheesecake Factory in the Houston area. We went to celebrate a stage performance for DS--and its day before my 40th birthday--whoo hoo.

We were clear from the beginning about DS peanut allergy and my shellfish allergy--and how my ana reaction was when the same tongs were used on shrimp as my beef, although my beef was cooked in a safe place (at another restaurant). The staff told us they received a lot of training re: food allergies. She talked with the chef about each thing we wanted.

We hadnt been to a CCF in a year and then had the avocado rolls (and had gone to extra, extra lengths then to make sure they were safe for DS). He obviously didnt dip them in the cashew sauce on that trip.

Today, we were told that they fry them (and everything else) in a blend of canola and peanut oil.

Now, I hadnt heard this before--and had heard that they do NOT use peanut oil. So Im not sure this is really true. Or that its true everywhere. But we certainly didnt risk it. The bruschetta was to live for anyway. And DS had sweet corn tamales.

But I thought Id post this info here so folks would be extra vigilant. I will try to follow up on this later this week and call the restaurant to ask about this. There are certainly many, many things to eat. And we tend not to eat french fries. But those avocado rolls are FAB. And that would be too bad if this were really true.

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Quote:Originally posted by McCobbre:
Today, we were told that they fry them (and everything else) in a blend of canola and peanut oil.[/b]

?!? Really? Please let me know what you find out. When were were there they told us no peanut oil and if they are using a combo oil to fry the rolls, I would think that they would use this same oil combo for everything fried. And my son and daughter have gotten and love the mini cheeseburgers (from the appetizer menu) as a dinner and this comes with a small sampling of fries.

I ate a Cheesecake Factory in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. Its the only restaurant Ive been to that the waitress brought up peanut/nut allergy before anyone even asked. I was impressed.

This was the only restaurant we walked out of during our recent trip to America. The manager spoke to us and recommended a couple of items on the menu but there were nuts everywhere. The place was packed solid and dimly lit and my instincts told me to get out fast!

reraising. [img][/img]

about 1.5 years ago, we were at the mall and DS wanted to eat at the Cheesecake factory. We went in, I spoke with mgr. He brought me a menu and pointed out all the peanut dishes they serve. DS was about 6 at the time and he said, honestly, I will do my best to be sure his meal is prepared to avoid xcontamination, but highly suggested that we eat somewhere else.
I was fine with this, the menu did have a lot of peanut sauces, peanuts in salads etc.
No Cheesecake factory for us!

So, I posted a couple of months ago about my experience in Minneapolis at the CCF. I visited family in Raleigh/Durham, NC this weekend and went to dinner at the Cheesecake factory. I spoke with a ""manager"" by phone prior to arranging the visit and was assured that I would have no problem finding something on the menu/eating there confidently with my allergy. We waited 1.5 hours to get a table, which wasnt too bad because its at a wonderful mall. I got to the table and had the absolute worse experience ever with waitstaff and the allergy. The waiter told me that there is no way that they can safely serve me and that its crazy to think that I could eat there. I asked to see a manager and he started off with somewhat the same approach (I was freaking hungry after waiting so long...) and I asked him if there was anything that I could have. He said probably something that isnt made in the back kitchen, something on the grill would be okay. So I got a steak that was incidentally the worse one I have ever had in my life. My wife had a chicken dish that came with 3 chicken breasts. This is precisely what is wrong with America, the portion control and lack of quality in the food. I just was not impressed and if this is a restaurant that I never step foot in again, I will be happier because of it!

Quote:Originally posted by saknjmom:
[b]we were at the mall and DS wanted to eat at the Cheesecake factory........(liberal edit).......No Cheesecake factory for us![/b]


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