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Nabisco Nilla Wafers and Near East Rice

I dont particularly trust Nabisco and Kraft, but many people do. I tend to stick with manufacturers that label for cross contamination or who will check for cross contamination when I call to inquire. I havent called Nabisco or Kraft in over a year or two. Perhaps they have changed their policy by can search Nabisco or Kraft and get a lot of feed back on the discussion board for those manufacturers.

The only foods of theirs we eat are saltines and boxed kraft macaroni and cheese.

For cookies I am comfortable with Dare and Pepperidge Farm. Pepperidge Farm cookie labels need very close reading as they tend to put nuts in the middle of the ingredients on some cookies and do not have a bold statement on the bottom. Strange considering their breads are more clearly marked. Anyway, I have been assured many times that the Pepperidge Farm cookies that have nuts are made in a separate facility.

Regardless- I prefer to make my own cookies. Not worth the anxt and my kids get over the novelty of having store bought cookies quickly. They prefer the homemade ones anyway. Altho it is great to have a fall back when there is no time to bake.

As for the rice pilaf...I have not called Near East in years, so worth a call...but when I did call, they noted that there was a chance of cross contamination with almonds and some of their foods. We dont use any of their foods. Manischewitz has a few types of rice pilaf that I believe are safe. They have a great website that lists the peanut/nutfree products that they sell.

We use Near East Rice Pilaf and/or Couscous weekly. Never had a problem in 5+ years.

Anxious - the last box of rice a roni that i purchased clearly stated that it was made in a shared facility or on shared equipment as peanut and treenut. thats out for me! i didnt bother calling to see if different flavors are made in different facilities, but its a no-go in our house!