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need advice-- Doc in CentralNorth Jersey


I go to an allergist in SI , she also has a office in NYC and works out of Columbia Presbtian hospital

i know a few people who go to a dr in Kendall Park NJ

I will try to find out the name

If you only need an allergist for a yearly (or twice yearly) food allergy consult, then Id definitely go to Mount Sinai. Its worth the drive (and the wait for an appointment). I used to live in Monmouth County so Id be happy to give you recommendations in that area if youd like.

Thanks patsmommy, is that Dr. Keserwala in Kendall Park?? I know someone too who goes to him.

Allison, thanks for your advice, do you make the trek to NYC to see the Mt Sinai folks?

I live in NYC now so its not really a trek anymore. But while I was still living in NJ, I was in a clinical trial at Mount Sinai that involved going up there once every four weeks for treatment.

Sorry, Im a little late on this one. Dr. Perin is fantastic. He deals with asthma, allergies both adults and children.
He is affiliated with St. Josephs childrens hospital.
He has an office in Teaneck and Wayne.
He is clear, makes a plan, does not overmedicate, but manages asthma very well. Hes down to earth, fantastic!