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Needing help and hoping for a mentor. baby with mulitple food allergies.

I am sorry to hear of this for your and your baby. I recently found out that my 21 month son is allergic to peanuts/nut etc and eggs. This is tough enough and is hardly comparable to your situation!!!!!

One thing I have started to use is the grocery store website. I prefer Hy-Vee which is a grocery store located in the Midwest. However, I bet that a popular store next to you will have something similar on their website.
The website offered many recipes for allergies sufferers. Also, see if your local grocery store has a nutrionist. I meet with one and they gave me lots of useful tips on where hidden ingredients are in foods.
I hope this helps, I wish I could offer you more help, I am new at this too and it is very hard.
Best of luck to you!! I hope someone out there is able to help you and give you great advice!!