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New Work environment

Use the 504 as a basic guideline to set up what a reaction is and how to handle it. Try to establish a clean house rule. Without knowing what kind of work, other than needing protein, Im not going to be of much help. Bring in some Sunbutter, fried egg sandwiches and ensure are good boosts as well. Make sure when you talk to your management and coworkers, they know where youre epi is. I usually have one in my pocket (Auvi-q) and one in my unlocked toolbox on the top tray. At the toy store, one is in my pocket and one is in my locker which is unlocked...

There is likely contamination on every single surface in the breakroom including all the drawer handles, fauct handles, microwave handle, countertop etc. It can also be on other surfaces or objects you need for your work - the keybooard that used to belong to someone else, your destop etc. Clean everything. Then in the kitchen, wash your hands or use a sanitizer that you leave there just for you - no one else should touch the pump handle. Dont touch your food or your face until you wash off your hands. I have this problem big time and trust me - the more you are exposed, the faster and stronger your body will get at recognizing the threat. Reactions can surely get worse.

You should talk with HR again. I work in HR and I myself have a peanut and tree nut allergy (along with various oral allergies to fruits/veggies). They should get a memo sent out to all the employees stating your allergy.

Thanks for all the advice. I will keep all of it in mind. Since posting this, everyone was really good about working with my allergy and have not had a problem since.