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Oreo Cookies

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Gosh, I cant remember where I read this recently, but I read that coconut is considered a fruit.

Coconuts are definately fruits and NOT nuts. However, a lot of people have coconut allergies. My son who is PA is not allergic to coconuts and has things with coconuts and coconut oil all the time.

Thanks Ryansmom and Kelly01. Ill start giving him the Oreos again! [img][/img] This whole PA thing is a little frustrating.

I am super allergic to tree nuts, and from expierience know that coconuts are NOT tree nuts, like the others said, they are fruits.

Does anyone have package of Oreos around house? I need to know does oreos have eggs in the ingredients. I forget to check it out when I go to the store. Thanks a million!!

There is no mention of eggs on my package of doublestuf Oreos.

I checked my package of regular Oreos and they do not list any egg products.

There are NEW Chocolate Oreos w/choc. center!! Just an FYI...

What brand of cake mix do you use? I have been afraid to use any commercial mixes.

kstreeter, my DH just recently reminded me of a cookbook that I had been e-mailed. It has a lot of ""brand name"" recipes in it and I felt that they might go well on this website because of some of us not feeling ""safe"" with the actual store bought or restaurant made product. What Im trying to say is that Im sharing these recipes but I havent tried them. What I would like to do is contact another PA parent and see if she could suggest a cake mix brand that would be ""safe"".

I know that in a couple of the multitude of recipes I have been posting out of this book, I have mentioned that I have not made them myself, but I do know a lot of PA parents that will try them if they are posted here.
What Im actually hoping is that if someone does make any of the recipes that arent ""tried and true"", they might come in and post that the recipe did or didnt come out well.

I didnt want to have to put that warning in with each recipe (I still have quite a few to go).

Again, I will contact the one PA parent to see if she can help you out. My apologies.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


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