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Oreo Cookies

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Nope we dont allow PA son to have Nabisco Oreos. Or anything else from Nabisco. I had called them several times on several different items, and I just never liked the answers I got from them. They didnt ever want to come clean on whether or not they were being produced in a facility.... They claimed that their ""washing methods"" were thorough enough to remove ALL risk, so they didnt feel the need to reveal which products were in safe facilities & which werent. So the last time I called I listened to their canned response, then gave one of my own. I told them that answer wasnt good enough for some one severely allergic, and that I wanted her to be sure & report that to her superiors, and that we wouldnt be buying anything with the ""red triangle"" again. My son was too young to read when this all happened, so he still thinks that the red trianlge just means peanuts instead of Nabisco.

Some times I think of trying again, but then I realize that we dont need any of the stuff that they make, its mostly junk food anyway - Im better off making a batch of cookies or brownies at home.

Mom to 6 year old twins Ben & Mike - one PA & the other not.
Stay Informed And Peanut Free!

We eat plain Oreos only after reading the package.

Yes, we do. But only the plain or double stuffed and only after RECHECKING the label EVERY time. Nabisco doesnt bold or note traces of for allergens, they just lump pn in the rest of the ingredients if there is a chance for cross contamination. A company Im always leary of, and always am extra careful to recheck the Oreos label.

I called Nabisco September last year. I found them to be very helpful. I was told that the PB oreos are now made in a different facility. (this was after one of the recent recalls). They said if there ever would be any chance of Cros contamination, they would list it in the ingredient statement.

they do make pb ones. we still eat the plain ones. kraft makes a lot of peanut products but the non peanut ones seem to work for us

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