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Other Legumes


I am nut and fish allergic and I eat the Birds Eye frozen peas and green beans all the time. I went through a phase where I became nervous of eating peas but that was years ago and Ive eaten tons since.

Why dont you just do what I did - reintroduce them slowly to yourself. (With epi-pen handy!) I started by eating one little pea at a time until I was comfortable again. Now I dont even hesitate. Ive done this with lots of things over the years (including pea beans which for awhile had me nervous).

Best wishes and stay safe,

Terri in the USA

I think that is a very valid question. I asked my allergist about avoiding other legumes. She said that the only one that makes her nervous is garbanzo beans (chick peas). My ds with PA does eat all other legumes with out an issue. Actually he has had chick peas and hummus a couple times before we found out about PA without issue but I do avoid them now.