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PA allergic 2 year old traveling to St. Thomas

On the flight keep her in a seat between you and a spouse, or in the window seat with you beside her bring sanitation wipes, wipe down your entire seat, and pack all your own food for the flight. Also let the head flight attendant know about the allergy as you board the plane. Bring your own snacks in a suitcase, and avoid buffet and desserts. Also call the place you are staying asap to discuss your concerns. St.Thomas is also a US virgin island, so I believe they import alot of US and Canadian food. But check into that. Good luck!

Thank you so much for all the advice. I will make sure the home we are renting is aware as well as the airlines. Packing snacks is great idea...I also read they do import many US foods which is a GREAT thing. So much to think about I dont want to miss anything and put my child at risk accidentally! Thank you again!

Weve flown a few times with PA/TA son. CHeck out the airlines forums on the FAAN site and this one, too. Weve had the best experiences with Jet Blue. Delta was not very good (served nut snacks for sale, though not peanuts). I wouldnt let my son eat anything served on the plane unless it was packaged and had ingredients listed, like pretzels. Bringing your own snacks is the best way to go. You can also ask to pre-board and have a few moments to wipe down the seat and especially the snack tray! Take the earliest morning flight you can - they clean the planes overnight, but not much after that.
Never took him to St. Thomas but weve been to Aruba twice and had no problems at all. ENjoy!

Where did you stay in Aruba and how were they with handling the allergies?

We stayed at the Amsterdam Manor Hotel once (highly recommend it) and in a condo rental another time. The restaurants and hotel were very accommodating to my sons allergies. We also went shopping in a supermarket to buy food for the apt. and it was very much like the US. Everyone spoke English, so good communication. Just in case, we had bought little laminated cards from FAAN that had allergy information for chefs and waiters written in Dutch and Spanish (many workers commute to Aruba from Venezuela).